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Gamecock Gear

If you're a long-time follower of my blog, you know that I consider what I wear to be part of my identity (view my talk about it here). To me, fashion can speak volumes about your personality and bring you confidence if you let it. When it comes to sporting your college spirit wear, it's no different. There's just something about being able to take pride in your school and represent being part of a community through clothing!

I still remember the first day after I committed to USC I was so excited to wear the t-shirt that I bought at the bookstore during my tour. I was delighted when people would ask me about the shirt and I could respond, "I'm starting school there in the fall!" 

Since then, I've added a lot more garnet to my wardrobe and wearing the Carolina logo means so much more. It means game days, Clemson rivalries, screaming the Gamecock cheer, and it means home. 
Today on the blog I'm sharing how I style my Gamecock gear as part of a contest to represent UofSC at New York Fashion Week with IMG College Licensing! I'm so lucky to go to a school with such great opportunities like this one.
Here I am with our beloved mascot, Cocky!
Snakeskin has been trending this season, so I added these snakeskin booties to my look to spice things up.
Behind me in this picture is Capstone, my residence hall! It's the best and I hope it glows garnet after the Clemson game today-- signifying a win!
Fuzzy coats like this one are my favorite way to stay cozy during the chilly months.
Spurs up!
I love my Gamecocks and I love my spirit wear -- all available at the Bookstore!
T-shirt, sweatshirt, and pennant: UofSC Bookstore
Jeans | Booties | Coat ($25!) | Belt ($13!)

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Time for one of my favorite posts of the year... my Christmas gift guide! I love putting this together with a mix of items I've had forever and adore and things I would love to get or give this year. There's bound to be something you like on this list, so I recommend opening a Google doc or notes page to save the links to your favorite items.



Happy shopping and happy holiday season!



A Day in Charleston

One of the things I've loved most about going to USC is how close we are to so many neat cities for day trips. This past Saturday, my friends and I decided to head to Charleston. They had all been before, but it was my first time, so I had so much fun letting them show me around. It was so refreshing to see the ocean and explore a new city-- it felt like I was there for way longer than a day!

Charleston is one of those cities that you can really make the most out of with only a little bit of time. Today I'll be sharing what we did and where we ate in Charleston for our 8 hour trip.

I saw these gourmet donuts on Instagram and knew I had to try them. I got the sea salt chocolate and I tried some of my friends' who got strawberry and the OG. They were all super yummy!

After we were fully fueled by donuts, we headed down to King Street to do some shopping. We parked in a lot at 31 George St and it was pretty centrally located to everything. We shopped at Madewell, Lululemon, Candlefish, Anthropologie and a few other stores, then we stopped in Gucci just for fun. We also walked through the Historic Charleston Market, where there were tons of vendors selling things like art and jewelry. 

The Market


Goat Sheep Cow is basically a restaurant that revolves around cheese. What could be better!? We started off with what they call "crack cheese," marinated feta with spices that you can spread on a baguette. So good. I'm a big fan of hot dogs, so I ordered "le hot dog"-- the most boujee hot dog you could ever get. It was amazing. My friends all got the "monger's grilled cheese," which was also super yummy. We sat outside on their cute little patio but the interior was really cool too. Make sure you go to the north location if you want to sit down and eat, the south location is just a cheese shop! (We made this mistake lol)
Crack Cheese
Le Hot Dog
Monger's Grilled Cheese


After lunch, I was ready to see what all the buzz around Charleston architecture and history was about. We parked and walked out on the pier, along the battery, then through Rainbow Row and the beautiful neighborhood behind it. Since Charleston is in their off-season, it wasn't crowded at all which was great for exploring. We were geeking out over the pretty houses and the historical plaques on them.

Butcher & Bee is a Mediterranean-style trendy restaurant. Not only was the aesthetic and branding immaculate, their food was AMAZING. After a big lunch we weren't super hungry, so Abby and I split the "mezze" platter with falafel, roasted beets, and chipotle-lime sweet potatoes.

Tired and with full bellies, we drove home. I already can't wait to go back to Charleston!

Let me know in the comments: what Charleston spots should I try next?

Stay sunny,

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How I Set Monthly Goals

About six months ago, I began a practice that changed how I live: monthly goal setting. Since then, I have begun living more on purpose -- I stopped feeling like life was just "happening" to me. I treat myself better, I love people better, I am less stressed. I invest in my current and future self. Setting goals helps me to tangibly step in the direction of the life I want to live and the person I want to be every single day!

I hope you'll join me in this endeavor because today I am sharing just how I set monthly goals. It's not a quick one-size-fits-all operation, but I assure you the process is well worth it.


Brainstorming is the first way to outline what you need to be doing better or differently in your life. I do this by considering five categories and a corresponding question with each. I like to read the questions, mull them over for a day, then create a brainstorming page. Here are the categories I use and questions I ask myself:

1. SELF-CARE | mental + physical well-being
"What do I need to do to feel my best mentally and physically?"

Some examples from this category:
Write down three things I am grateful for every day
Meditate four times a week
Include veggies with each meal
Remember to take my daily vitamin
Work out x number of times a week

And I always include: "make sure to actually track goals" as a goal in this section!

2. LEARNING | school + self-betterment
"How can I learn more and learn well?"

Some examples from this category: 
Stay off my phone during class
Read a non-school related book
Practice writing each day
Go to one review session a week
Watch one TED Talk or lecture a week

3. LOVED ONES | family, friends, and everyone
"How can I show up for those I love?"

Some examples from this category:
Call my grandma once a week
Send snail mail to a friend each week
Say hi to someone new every day
Help someone daily

4. FAITH | pursuing a relationship with God
"How can I be a better daughter of God responding to a love that I know?"

Some examples from this category:
Go to weekly Bible Study
Write in my prayer journal daily
Invite a friend to mass
Pray a decade of the rosary each day

5. TIME, MONEY, ENERGY | spending all three wisely
"How can I allocate my resources in an intentional and smart way?"

Some examples from this category:
Look ahead for each week to avoid procrastinating
Track spending
Set a monthly budget
Stop worrying about things out of your control
Spend 1 hour or less on social media a day


The next thing I do in this process is to look at the goals I have brainstormed and decide what is most important at the current moment. I choose anywhere from 1-5 goals from each category based off of what I think I can handle! Make sure not to overload yourself or all of your goals will suffer. It's okay to remove a goal as the month goes on if it gets to be too much to handle.

I'll then move on to creating my goal tracking sheet. To do this, I'll write the category, then the goal, and then a "say no" statement. For example, I would write, "Self care" then under it "Remember to track goals" and then under that "Say no to setting empty intentions."

The reason I include a "say no" statement under most goals is because setting goals can feel overwhelming and like a huge undertaking. But if you think of it as saying no to some things so that you can say yes to other things that serve you better, the goals will feel much more attainable.

Tracking your goals is just as important as setting them. To do this, I draw a "progress bar" instead of a checkbox for each week of the month. On Sundays, I fill in the bar to correspond with how well I followed through, or how often I attempted to follow through, with my goal. If your goal has a numerical correlation, like a number of times you worked out or amount of money you spent, write it in the progress box.

And that's all...

I hope this post was helpful to get you on track to setting your own goals. It's changed my life-- now go change yours!

Let me know in the comments: do you set monthly goals or intentions? What has been your most life-changing so far?

Stay Sunny,


The Most Fun Jumpsuit Ever

I can say without a doubt that this jumpsuit is the most FUN piece of clothing I've ever put on my body. And for good reason-- would you look at those ruffles!? I can hardly keep from smiling whenever I'm wearing it. I paired it with my trusty platform espadrilles (on sale here) to make the ruffles even flowier. I added simple gold hoops to not draw any attention away from the jumpsuit.

I love this jumpsuit because it feels so "me." When we dress for ourselves and our personalities, it can make us feel unstoppable. It reminds me of the reason I fell in love with fashion in the first place -- because it can be used in service of honoring and portraying my true self!


Stay sunny,