Homecoming Dress Guide

It's that time of year again! Homecoming season. I know better than anyone that finding the perfect dress can be hard, especially during the busy seasons of fall sports etc. So, I have compiled a list of dresses that caught my eye to make it a little easier on you.

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KJP Show Your Ropes

If you're anything like me, you love keeping up with Sarah & Kiel on social media. Their posts of puppies, New England charm, and stylish rope bracelets are worth obsessing over! So, when a little navy box with one of their classic bracelets arrived from the KJP crew, I was so excited to create a look inspired by their lifestyle to go with it.

I usually shoot outfit posts solo, but today I have the CUTEST partner-in-crime. I brought along my new puppy, Auggie, and he ended up being a total ham in front of the camera (his green eyes and floppy skin...I can't). Inspired by the KJP clan, Auggie and I set out on our own little adventure.

knot bracelet | rope bracelet (mine is out of stock-- similar) | shep shirt | button down | shorts | shoes

photos by rachel issler



Black Convertible Jumpsuit

If you're looking for an outfit power move, look no further than investing in a good jumpsuit. Personally, I think it's a wardrobe staple and every girl should own at least one! I mean COME ON, it's literally a onesie for grown ups that makes you feel super cool. But...if you're only going to own one jumpsuit, it needs to be this one. You can twist the straps a bunch of different ways so basically it's 7 jumpsuits in one. I LOVE IT. It's super easy to rock, so soft, and flattering.

McKenna and I went downtown to take some pictures of the jumpsuit! (follow her here)
This is my favorite way to wear the jumpsuit- by overlapping the straps on opposite shoulders. In the back, the straps cross for another interesting detail.
For something more dramatic, you can tie the straps at the neck and let them flow freely.
The next way I twisted the straps created a v-neck with an open back.
Lastly, I wrapped the straps so that there was an exposed diamond shape on my stomach. This is a little bit crazy for me, but anything in the name of fashion!

I know wearing a jumpsuit can be a little scary at first, but trust me, you look fabulous.

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Chicago + Ludington Recap

I'm back in the DYT after my big Chicago/Michigan adventure! I thought I would do a quick recap post of what I've been up to for the last seven days.
Two of my aunts and my cousins live in Chicago so our whole family made the trip out to chi-town to spend some time together and see the city. The first thing we did when we arrived on Friday evening was order some classic Chicago style pizza and hang out with our family in the hotel!

On Saturday morning, we grabbed some breakfast then went to Millennium Park. We saw the bean and played on the huge playground with our little cousins. Most of our day consisted of visiting the Shedd Aquarium, which I loved!

After a little bit of shopping, we had a big family dinner at Balena. The food was AMAZING. Get the lemon & kale pasta!

My last excursion in the city was to Stan's Donuts. Not only is the building adorable, I had the lemon pistachio donut and it was to-die-for.

After breakfast we headed out to the suburbs for a cookout and pool party at my cousins' house. Then, it was time for us to hit the road to Michigan.

My grandparents have had a cottage in Ludington, Michigan for the past ten years, so it's basically a second home to me.

It's such a peaceful place, I swear time slows down. I loved being able to lay out in my hammock in the backyard.
The weather was perfect so we were able to spend a ton of time on the water. I basically lived in this shirt from Miss Lucy's, and I didn't get burnt!

We also climbed sand dunes, went tubing, watched the sunset, and ate way too much ice cream! To me, it's the perfect vacation. The tiny town of Ludington has my heart <3


I absolutely raced home from Michigan because my parents had a little puppy waiting for us at home. (I posted this on Instagram) I'm head-over-heels in love with him...

More to come!

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Dressing For You // OOTD

I used to dress to please others. I would put on outfits solely based off of what I thought other people would think was cute-- but not trying too hard. I would over analyze every outfit in the mirror until I didn't feel good about myself anymore. Especially with my fashion blog, I craved comments of approval on what I wore. Even so, I didn't want anyone from school looking at my blog.

Around this time last year, all of that changed. I started to break out of my shell and wear what I felt good in. It stopped mattering to me whether or not it looked like I was trying hard, because I was having too much fun to care. I still get comments from people like "Are you really going to wear THOSE shoes?" to "Those are some big earrings for such a little girl." But it turns out, the more you wear what makes you happy less you lose sleep over the opinions of others.

Iris Apfel said it best: "Dress to please yourself. Listen to your inner muse and take a chance. Wear something that says 'Here I am!' today."

I recently shot an outfit with McKenna that I think expresses my personal style. I hope you like it, but if you don't, that's okay too. :-)

I am absolutely obsessed with these earrings from Lisi Lerch. They also have tons of other styles/colors- check it out!

earrings c/o | similar top 1 2 3 | shoes (70% off) | bag | jeans | bracelets

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