the story

A Sunny State of Mind began when I, as an eager 13-year-old, wanted a place to get my ideas, craft projects, and outfits out into the world. I blogged because it was a creative outlet, a place to be me.

In many ways, the same thing still motivates me. However, one of the things I love most about blogging is that my website grows & changes as I do. Now, five years later, A Sunny State of Mind serves as a place for me to share what I believe to be the elements of living a vibrant, sunny life.
vibrant- [adj] pulsing with life, vigor, or activity; bright

the purpose

This blog is also where I share fashion apart from materialism. I seek to present fashion as a tool for self expression: it can be used in service of becoming your true identity. The outfits I post show who I am, and allow me to wear my passions like the clothes on my back. I hope I can inspire you to wear what YOU are and allow your clothing to be a visual representation of how you feel: whether that be strong, ambitious, creative, feminine, or anything in between. I even got to give a TEDx Talk on this topic with my best friend, and you can watch it here!

My blog is also a place for me to start a conversation about caring deeply for ourselves in order to nourish our lifestyles. I've learned to use food as fuel to sustain a happy life, and I believe that how you eat is a vital part of self-love (which we could all use more of).  I believe in sharing ways to stay healthy so that busy girlbosses can do more of what they're passionate about.

I'd like to genuinely thank you for visiting my website, it means the world to me. I hope you'll stick around and enjoy the ride. And, as always, stay sunny.

meg schwieterman


  1. You're so adorable, Meg!! Absolutely love reading your posts!

    xoxo, Mal

  2. I absolutely love your blog! I've been keeping up with it and love every post!
    xo, addie

  3. Your blog is so cute, and I literally just spent 20 minutes reading all your old posts! I am also on the younger side of bloggers, and run a new blog with my best friend. If you would ever want to collab or work together you can contact us anytime, and again, keep up the amazing work, your blog is honestly an inspiration.

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