How Are You? : The Simple Self Assessment That Has Changed My Days

Twice a day (while I brush my teeth) ask myself a simple question: how are you?
It seems silly, and definitely felt awkward at first, but these twice-daily check-ins are the bookends of my day. Along with a few other q’s to practice gratitude and self-love and ending with a little prayer, this daily practice surprised me with its power in such a simple way!

So many times I found myself rushing to bed at night and rushing out the door in the morning without ever taking the time to analyze (or even notice) my emotional state. This lead to me winding up anxious and wondering why I was so stressed all of a sudden. However, through checking in with myself, I've noticed that stress is rarely an "all of a sudden" occurrence.

Whenever someone asks me "How are you?" my immediate, automatic response is "Good! How about you?" This isn't always honest and rarely leads to a conversation beyond the surface level. But what if we were honest and vulnerable with ourselves and others when answering "how are you?" What if we made it okay to say scared, sad, exhausted, confused? Or even excited, happy, joyful? This can begin in your own bathroom mirror ;-)

What follows "how are you" on my morning and nightly examen is just as important and I want to share that with you, too!

1. How are you? 
2. 5 people you're grateful for - Take account of all the people in your life that make it better!
3. One thing you're looking forward to - Every day has a reason to live it. Think of one thing (as simple as your daily coffee!) in your day that you are excited about.
4. One thing you like about how you look - The mirror can become a place of self-criticism if we aren't careful. By saying one positive thing per day about our appearance (I'm having an amazing hair day!), we can combat insecurity in a small way.
5. Intention + Deep Breath - Name an intention for your day. For example, "today I will greet every opportunity with joy!" By saying our intention, followed with a deep breath, we can give more purpose to our day.
6. A Hail Mary!

1. How are you?
2. One thing you're proud of from today - Small victories are real, people! And it's important to notice them.
3. One way you saw God today - Did you pass a friend just when you needed someone most? This is your chance to notice God working in your life!
4. Smile! - A simple smile can actually boost your mood!
5. A Glory Be 

I hope this post helps you to check in with yourself daily, I promise it will go farther than you think!

Stay Sunny,

This content originally appeared as a shortened version on Instagram.