craftspiration: penguin lightbulb ornament!

who doesn't love penguins? that's right. No one.  This craft is pretty self explanatory- just paint a burnt out lighbulb to look like a penguin (complete with bow tie) and add some wire to make it an ornament. Instant cuteness.

DIY: Copycat Lush Bath Bombs!

I love LUSH. But, the nearest store is an hour away and it's a bit pricey. These diy bath bombs cost less than one dollar a piece, are very easy, are good for your skin, and can be made in your own kitchen!  So why not give them a try! I got this idea from

- 1 cup of baking soda
- 3/4 cup corn starch
-1/4 cup sea salt or epsom salt
-1 cup citric acid**(also called Lemon Salt)

-a few drops of your favorite essential oil, I've been using peppermint for the holidays!
-food coloring highly concentrated with water in a spray bottle
-a mold, I like using a cupcake pan or Easter eggs
How to do it: 
-First mix all the dry ingredients together and the essential oil.
-Then, spray the food coloring mix very slightly on the dry mixture and stir. Repeat this many times until the mixture is wet enough to hold a ball shape for a little while. Don't wet the mix too much or it will fizz!
-Press the mixture densely into the molds 
- Let them dry out over night or for at least 6 hours then pop them out of the mold and enjoy! 

* these are a great holiday gift for family members, or for yourself!
**found at health food stores or online