Christmas Break Bucket List with The Blonde Prep

I'm a list maker- shopping lists, to do lists, you name it. That's why it was only natural to link up with my blogger friend Frannie to create a Christmas Break Bucket List. I got in my pjs and sat down to write some things that I absolutely have to do before the break is over!

1. Bake some Christmas cookies
I love making cookies almost as much as I love eating them. A few batches of my favorite cookies will definitely be in order.

2. Stay in my pajamas for an entire day

3. Go see the lights
My town has a really pretty light show/walk that I want to take my little cousins to see!

4. Give myself a Holiday Mani
I love red nails with an accent gold nail for December.

5. Watch Elf and Eloise at the Plaza
These are my two favorite Christmas movies and I intend to watch both of them in one sitting.

6. Decorate My Room for Christmas
I've already started by stringing up lights and making some huge snowflakes!

Be sure to head over to The Blonde Prep to see Fran's list!


New Domain Who Dis?

Exams are over! That means I will finally have enough time to work on my blog. And speaking of getting work done, I bought a domain! This is something I've had on my mind for a while now, and I decided now was as good a time as any. I decided to go with my name so that I can use it forever, so now I'm located at It's still the same old me and the same old blog, A Sunny State of Mind :-)

Now even more exciting news, I got some stickers made for you guys to spread the news! Just fill out this form, and I will send one your way. It's waterproof vinyl so you can stick it on water bottles, laptops, etc. 


My Kendra Scott Wish List + Giveaway

If you're anything like me, you have had your Christmas list and Christmas outfits planned out for weeks! For me, the only thing that was missing from both of these was jewelry. So, I decided to head down to Kendra Scott Liberty Center to play dress-up and explore the gorgeous new store. I found a few pieces to complete my outfits and added some items to my wishlist. You can check out what I put on my list below and stay tuned for my outfits. Don't forget to enter the giveaway at the bottom as well!

1: Perla Earrings: These are gorgeous and they make me feel like an ice princess.

2: Rayne Necklace. You know I'm a sucker for a tassel!

3: Danielle Earrings. These earrings have the perfect amount of shine. Not too blingy but they still have a pretty subtle shine. 

4: Hand Bracelet. As seen on Sarah Belle, this hand bracelet is a fun new thing to try.

5: Starla Necklace. The Y shape and druzy center make this necklace irresistible!

6: Harlow Necklace. This necklace is what I like to call a "power piece." It is versatile but still makes a statement!

Now for the giveaway! I will be giving away this gorgeous pair of earrings. Please complete both liking Kendra Scott Liberty Center on Facebook and following @asunnystateofmind on Instagram. You can comment on my Instagram when you are done! Optionally, you can comment below for an extra entry.

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Happy Holidays!

Thank you so much, Grace and the rest of the team at Liberty Center, for hosting me and sponsoring this post.

Articles on my Radar

As you all probably know, I write for an online magazine called The Undeniable Report. If you didn't know that, you are missing out! Now we will all have a little bit of time over break, I thought it might be fun for me to share some reading material from the site. I could spend hours on Undeniable just learning new things and looking at all the amazing photography. I linked my favorite articles below, have at it!

Christmas Gift Guide 2015

It's here! I have carefully curated my gift guide for 2015, with tons of items you will love to give and receive.

A Sunny State of Mind Christmas Gift Guide 2015

J Crew field jacket
$195 -

J Crew cotton pajamas
$115 -


J.Crew suede shoes

Brooks Brothers anchor necklace


J Crew accessory
$53 -

Cashmere glove

Square scarve

Jonathan Adler home decor

Scented candle

Kate Spade All In Good Taste Book

Some of my favorites from this set are the hat from Sydney Elizabeth (which would go so well with my Lydia Skort), these adorable sneakers, and the zebra dish.

Happy gifting, and happy gift getting!

The Little Things

In life, I often get caught up in the big things. If I'm studying for a few hard tests, I let them take over my day and I block out everything else without even taking time for a deep breath. As I get busier and busier I find that I'm not really living on purpose, but rather just going through the motions. And honestly, it's exhausting, boring and it's no way to live. To break out of the routine, I try and take more time to notice the little things that make me happy in life. I keep a list of little things that I love in the "notes" section of my phone. It's like a toast to them, because I think the little things are the things that matter most to me. Whenever I think of something new I add it on, and it has been getting bigger for probably 8 months now. When I'm down and losing sight of what's important, I look over it and my mood is automatically elevated. I thought I would share that list with you now, unedited, so I could inspire you to create your own and so you can learn a little bit about me and what fuels my fire.

Here's to lattes, and here's to campfires. Here's to painting, flowers, the moon, books, and avocados. Here's to sunny days and starry nights. Here's to days spent mostly in the water, here's to cups of tea. Here's to old friends, and to new ones too. Here's to big windows and exploring. Here's to the change of seasons and old photographs and pretty dresses. Here's to yoga and s'mores. Here's to being nervous, in the best way. Here's to real smiles and real laughs and real hugs. Here's to farmers markets and long runs and new shoes. Here's to freckles and the smell after rain. Here's to the people who are more than they seem. Here's to watermelon and lemonade and picnics and big dogs. Here's to sleepy mornings and rainy car rides. Here's to green grass and green smoothies. Here's to cotton candy and grandparents. Here's to sleeping while it's raining and new pencils. Here's to finding comfort in prayer. Here's to pajamas and babies and chocolate croissants. Here's to nail polish and fuzzy blankets. Here's to fireflies and to rainboots and beautiful views that make you feel all giddy. Here's to Pom-poms and peonies and the color pink. Here's to lip gloss and twinkle lights and movies with popcorn. Here's to all the little things.


Polished in Pink

You know those outfits that are totally "you" and make you feel really good? Well this is a very "Meg" outfit. I love bright colors, big earrings, lots of bracelets, and Jack Rogers. This photoshoot is also one of my favorites because it had the BEST location ever. A rooftop at golden hour? Dream come true.

I did this shoot with my friend Caroline- who is starting a blog soon!

Here's the girl behind all these photos! Her name is Rachel- check out her Instagram!

This post was sponsored by The Mint Julep... who sent me this romper! I'll be doing a giveaway with them soon on my Instagram for a $25 gift card. Check it out later for the rest of the details. Their clothes are cute and affordable but well made!