New Years Collab

New Years parties are the rarity where you wear your last outfit of one year and first outfit of the it has to be REALLY good. You can have fun with a New Years outfit, so bring on the fringe, glitter, and sequins!

I decided to re-wear a dress that I originally used for a 20's costume, which was super fun. Because the dress is so frilly, I styled it with solid black tights and shoes and minimal jewelry.

For two other outfit ideas, check out Caroline and Frannie's posts!

earrings | dress (similar 1 2) | shoes | similar coat 

Photos by Rachel Issler

Stay Sunny,

Christmas Pants

If you're anything like me, getting dressed up is one of your favorite parts of the Christmas season. I typically opt for a dress, but when J. Crew came out with a new and more festive than ever plaid pant, I knew they would be my go-to holiday look. I ended up wearing this outfit to a Christmas dinner at my country club, and I got tons of compliments. My outfit stood out among black and red dresses, which I loved.

Today, I'm collaborating with Renee and PJ who also shared their holiday looks. Go check it out!

Wishing everyone a merry (& sunny) Christmas!



The Golden Rules of Denim Distressing

Until a couple of weeks ago, I thought that distressing my own jeans would take a lot of planning, methodology, and skill. When I tried it, I found out that it was quite the opposite! The type-a in me researched articles of how to distress jeans, set up a workspace, marked the denim with precise lines, and painstakingly started distressing. I quickly came to find that distressing is not distressing if you try to follow an exact tutorial. After abandoning my ways and diving head over heels into the creative process, trial and error taught me some fundamentals for distressing denim. However, it also involved me slicing my finger (worth it), taking a cheese grater to some Levi's, inhaling way too much denim dust, and multiple trips to the Salvation Army. The ordeal also produced some pretty bomb jeans. Lucky for you, you don't have to go through the nitty-gritty because I am here to tell you my "golden rules" for denim distressing.

1: choose a thick pair of jeans // if your denim of choice is thicker, you'll have a better chance of getting the nice white strings with your rips

2: try a dremel // if you have a dremel/other power sander, take advantage of it! That's what I used for most of my distressing and it gets the job done
3: serrated knives work // to avoid getting too clean of a cut when using scissors, use a serrated knife instead

4: try them on // jeans will look best if they're sanded and ripped in the places where wear and tear would actually occur. To achieve this, try your jeans on, then bend your knees. Distress where your knees push most firmly against the fabric and where the fabric folds.

5: don't neglect the hem // there are tons of fun things that you can do with the hem of your pants, so don't forget about it! I love an uneven or fringed hem.
6: have fun! // you'll love wearing your jeans even more if you have a blast making them! Add patches, embroidery or other embellishments to make them your own. Have some friends over, play some music, and make a night of it.

stay sunny, 

Pink Fur + Distressed Denim

Fur and distressed denim... who would've thought? As temperatures have dropped, I've loved mixing & layering different styles to create fun outfits. If you haven't taken all of your fall clothes out of your closet, laid them on your bed, and just played around with different combinations, I highly suggest it! A few pieces that I have found vital in this is a high-quality sweatshirt or long-sleeved knit, a fur vest, and a good pair of jeans. (A variety of these will be linked below).  In today's outfit post, I'm combining all three for an easy and chic ensemble that will transition flawlessly from fall into winter.

photos by rachel issler (instagram)

I hope everyone has a great week!

Stay sunny,

Junior Homecoming

In all of fall's busy wonderfulness, I'm just now getting the chance to share my pictures from homecoming! I figured better late than never, mostly because homecoming season is one of my favorite times of the year. I love getting dressed up, seeing all my friends looking flawless, and of course the dance itself. It all went by in the blink of an eye, but luckily I snapped a ton of photos to share.

Our corsage/boutonniere duo was made with little sunflowers (because we had to stay sunny even at homecoming!)

Since I chose a plain dress and I am not a plain girl, I knew I would need some crazy accessories. I ended up wearing these huge orange earrings from Lisi Lerch, and they were perfect! They aren't as heavy as they look, and I loved the pink & orange combo. Combined with my lace-up heels, I was able to create a fun look for the dance. 

I hope everyone else had fun at their homecoming!

Stay sunny,

Homecoming Dress Guide

It's that time of year again! Homecoming season. I know better than anyone that finding the perfect dress can be hard, especially during the busy seasons of fall sports etc. So, I have compiled a list of dresses that caught my eye to make it a little easier on you.

Enjoy & Stay Sunny,

KJP Show Your Ropes

If you're anything like me, you love keeping up with Sarah & Kiel on social media. Their posts of puppies, New England charm, and stylish rope bracelets are worth obsessing over! So, when a little navy box with one of their classic bracelets arrived from the KJP crew, I was so excited to create a look inspired by their lifestyle to go with it.

I usually shoot outfit posts solo, but today I have the CUTEST partner-in-crime. I brought along my new puppy, Auggie, and he ended up being a total ham in front of the camera (his green eyes and floppy skin...I can't). Inspired by the KJP clan, Auggie and I set out on our own little adventure.

knot bracelet | rope bracelet (mine is out of stock-- similar) | shep shirt | button down | shorts | shoes

photos by rachel issler


Black Convertible Jumpsuit

If you're looking for an outfit power move, look no further than investing in a good jumpsuit. Personally, I think it's a wardrobe staple and every girl should own at least one! I mean COME ON, it's literally a onesie for grown ups that makes you feel super cool. But...if you're only going to own one jumpsuit, it needs to be this one. You can twist the straps a bunch of different ways so basically it's 7 jumpsuits in one. I LOVE IT. It's super easy to rock, so soft, and flattering.

McKenna and I went downtown to take some pictures of the jumpsuit! (follow her here)
This is my favorite way to wear the jumpsuit- by overlapping the straps on opposite shoulders. In the back, the straps cross for another interesting detail.
For something more dramatic, you can tie the straps at the neck and let them flow freely.
The next way I twisted the straps created a v-neck with an open back.
Lastly, I wrapped the straps so that there was an exposed diamond shape on my stomach. This is a little bit crazy for me, but anything in the name of fashion!

I know wearing a jumpsuit can be a little scary at first, but trust me, you look fabulous.

Stay sunny,