The Little Things

In life, I often get caught up in the big things. If I'm studying for a few hard tests, I let them take over my day and I block out everything else without even taking time for a deep breath. As I get busier and busier I find that I'm not really living on purpose, but rather just going through the motions. And honestly, it's exhausting, boring and it's no way to live. To break out of the routine, I try and take more time to notice the little things that make me happy in life. I keep a list of little things that I love in the "notes" section of my phone. It's like a toast to them, because I think the little things are the things that matter most to me. Whenever I think of something new I add it on, and it has been getting bigger for probably 8 months now. When I'm down and losing sight of what's important, I look over it and my mood is automatically elevated. I thought I would share that list with you now, unedited, so I could inspire you to create your own and so you can learn a little bit about me and what fuels my fire.

Here's to lattes, and here's to campfires. Here's to painting, flowers, the moon, books, and avocados. Here's to sunny days and starry nights. Here's to days spent mostly in the water, here's to cups of tea. Here's to old friends, and to new ones too. Here's to big windows and exploring. Here's to the change of seasons and old photographs and pretty dresses. Here's to yoga and s'mores. Here's to being nervous, in the best way. Here's to real smiles and real laughs and real hugs. Here's to farmers markets and long runs and new shoes. Here's to freckles and the smell after rain. Here's to the people who are more than they seem. Here's to watermelon and lemonade and picnics and big dogs. Here's to sleepy mornings and rainy car rides. Here's to green grass and green smoothies. Here's to cotton candy and grandparents. Here's to sleeping while it's raining and new pencils. Here's to finding comfort in prayer. Here's to pajamas and babies and chocolate croissants. Here's to nail polish and fuzzy blankets. Here's to fireflies and to rainboots and beautiful views that make you feel all giddy. Here's to Pom-poms and peonies and the color pink. Here's to lip gloss and twinkle lights and movies with popcorn. Here's to all the little things.