How to Host the Perfect Spring Brunch

Today, I'm mixing it up a little and sharing my words over on The Frosting Company's blog! The post is some tips for hosting a brunch, I hope you'll go check it out by clicking on this link!

What's in my Travel Bag?

I spent this past week on the gorgeous beaches of the Dominican Republic. The trip was super fun, but the travel...not so fun. Traveling can be tiring, uncomfortable, stressful, and usually it is boring. However, packing the perfect bag for the plane or car can help alleviate some of these discomforts. After reading through other blogger's "what's in my bag" posts and traveling a lot, I have this down to a science. Here's what I bring:

1. The perfect bag. This bag is from Lazy Daisy Monogram Shop. I like it just as well as a Longchamp, and I asked Addison, the owner, (who is very helpful and responsive) to make an option for a smaller monogram. I love the way it turned out. It is just the right size and is durable. It comes in many colors, get yours here!

2. iPad, Sleeve, Earbuds. Watching movies is probably the most entertaining on a flight. And having a sleeve to protect your device is necessary when your bags get thrown around.

3. A good read, I brought Paper Towns.

4. Candy! My all-time favorite is Swedish Fish.

5. A hat. My pick is a Vineyard Vines whale hat. This is for covering up your messy hair after a nap.

A snapshot from my vacation
6. A water bottle, this one is my favorite from Teal and Dooley on Etsy. It is adorable, and is totally leak proof. I love this shop! Hydration is SO important, and this holds a lot of water to quench your thirst. You need water to keep your skin soft and bright on vacation and fend off headaches. Get your glam bottle here.

7. Sunglasses

8. A little pouch containing hand sanitizer, lip scrub and lip balm. Planes can be germy, so hand sanitizer is a must. Lip scrub is good to have on vacation for your dry skin, and lip balm for the same reason. I recommed a lip balm with built in sunscreen. My current favorite is Bubblegum from The Frosting Company, which will launch on their site soon!

9. A journal for remembering what you did on the trip! (And don't forget a pen or pencil)

10. A camera, obviously, for documenting all parts of your vacation.

11. A soft, yet light, scarf. You can wear it in the airport then let it double as a mini blanket or pillow on the plane! The one pictured from Lilly Pulitzer is no longer available, but you can click through the widget below (on the arrows) to explore some of my current favorites (and some are on sale!)

I hope you found this post helpful, I wish you the best in your future adventures!
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