Christmas Break Bucket List with The Blonde Prep

I'm a list maker- shopping lists, to do lists, you name it. That's why it was only natural to link up with my blogger friend Frannie to create a Christmas Break Bucket List. I got in my pjs and sat down to write some things that I absolutely have to do before the break is over!

1. Bake some Christmas cookies
I love making cookies almost as much as I love eating them. A few batches of my favorite cookies will definitely be in order.

2. Stay in my pajamas for an entire day

3. Go see the lights
My town has a really pretty light show/walk that I want to take my little cousins to see!

4. Give myself a Holiday Mani
I love red nails with an accent gold nail for December.

5. Watch Elf and Eloise at the Plaza
These are my two favorite Christmas movies and I intend to watch both of them in one sitting.

6. Decorate My Room for Christmas
I've already started by stringing up lights and making some huge snowflakes!

Be sure to head over to The Blonde Prep to see Fran's list!


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