Blog Design All Grown Up

If you haven't noticed, things look a little different around here! I am in LOVE with my new blog design. Honestly, I've designed and re-designed about seven times and this one is by far my favorite look.
I've been getting some questions about how I did it, and let me just say I cannot take credit for this all. While I come up with a lot of the ideas for the graphics on my blog, the real hero is my friend Sarah from Witty Young Thing. She's a fantastic blogger, super-star blog designer, and an even better person. She's a know-it-all (not in a bad way) when it comes to all the technical stuff (which I am not good at). She turns my "can'ts into cans and my dreams into plans." Without her, I'd probably be back where I started with an entirely pink and not at all clean-looking blog.  I hope you enjoy my new look as much as I do, I can't wait for you to see what is to come.


Sarah's work is so gorgeous, you can see a blog entirely designed by her over at A Dash of Kait.


  1. Meg! Thanks so much for your sweet words :) You da best girl!! Glad I can help out!


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