Lilly and Laduree: NYC Day 2

Today I saw many more sides of the city- from the crowded, bustling streets of Times Square to the cozy cafes in SoHo to the fancy shops of the Upper East Side. And of course, I loved them all and what set them apart from one another. I felt most comfortable and at ease in SoHo, but going out of my comfort zone in the huge crowds of Broadway was a rush!

So here's what happened during day 2:

7:00 AM: Wakey, wakey Upper East Siders :)

8:00 AM: Starbucks, of course.

8:30 AM: Hop on the double-decker bus and ride around a scenic loop to SoHo.

9: 15 AM: Exploring

10:00: Le Petit Cafe in SoHo (Pretty good, it made me feel less tourist-y)

10:30: Laduree
Basically, we had a post-breakfast dessert tea party on a gorgeous back patio at Laduree and it looked like we were in Paris. It was a total Blair Waldorf moment. I tried the chocolate, raspberry and vanilla macarons and sipped the citrus and ginger tea. I loved the macarons so much that I bought some to take home!

11:15: More exploring of SoHo including the Madewell sample sale! We also visited Kate Spade.

12:00 -3: The 9/11 Memorial and a little more sightseeing.

3:00: Headed to the Upper East Side to visit the Lilly Pulitzer store on Madison. The store was as big as a house and SO gorgeous. I tried on quite a few things and I ended up with a Skipper Popover in the new flamingo print called Pink Colony. I put it on right away because it was a chilly, rainy day!

4:30: Ellen Stardust diner for dinner

6:00: M&M world! Mint, crispy, dark, pink, peanut butter... everything.

8:00: Aladdin, which was super funny and the special effects were brilliant.


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  1. This is so fun! I am so jealous that you got to go to the Lilly store on Madison. I didn't get a chance to go when I was in NYC this past Christmas...

    Marie H.
    Progression By Design


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