KJP Show Your Ropes

If you're anything like me, you love keeping up with Sarah & Kiel on social media. Their posts of puppies, New England charm, and stylish rope bracelets are worth obsessing over! So, when a little navy box with one of their classic bracelets arrived from the KJP crew, I was so excited to create a look inspired by their lifestyle to go with it.

I usually shoot outfit posts solo, but today I have the CUTEST partner-in-crime. I brought along my new puppy, Auggie, and he ended up being a total ham in front of the camera (his green eyes and floppy skin...I can't). Inspired by the KJP clan, Auggie and I set out on our own little adventure.

knot bracelet | rope bracelet (mine is out of stock-- similar) | shep shirt | button down | shorts | shoes

photos by rachel issler



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