Room Organization Tips for the New Year

If your New Year's Resolution is to get organized, get a kickstart by reading this post!
Recently on Pinterest, you might have noticed that I started pinning a ton of organization, decluttering, and minimalist posts. This is because after all the stress of exams, I was sick of all the clutter in my room and I was geared to do something about it. So, I reviewed my pins and got down to business. After cleaning and organizing through about 5 New Girl episodes, I was done! I hauled 4 full trash bags out of my room of things to throw away and donate. It was almost like a detox of my space, and it felt so good.
At the same time that this was going on, my friend Caroline of Citrus & Style was doing the same thing! Of course, we decided to team up to share our secrets to decluttering.

1: Pretend your room is a store.
If you wouldn't see something you own in a store and like it, don't keep it. Also, consider if you would pay money to keep something that's in your room. If not, toss it!

2: Invest in a good shoe holder.
If you aren't currently using a shoe rack, you seriously need one. I love using a shoe rack that hangs in my closet so I can quickly find my shoes and they stay off the floor.

3: Turn jewelry into decor.
 As for jewelry, I personally love to have mine out, because it makes a pretty and one of a kind room decoration. I like keep it on little hooks and jewelry trays. I make sure that if I don't wear a piece of jewelry a lot to put it in storage in my closet or give it away.

4: You don't actually need it
After the so-called "room detox" I compiled a list of things that I thought I would need someday but didn't:
-Old workbooks and notebooks and binders from school (it's all online)
-Clothes people had given to me and I kept for no reason
-Old shirts for "DIY projects"
-Magazines I thought I would want to re-read
-Cosmetic samples

5: Use a storage bench!
I recently received a storage bench from Scout and I love it. I needed a storage bin for all my blankets, so it might as well be cute and serve a purpose. This bench is sturdy enough for sitting and big enough to hold 3 blankets, a yoga mat, some scarves, and a few other odds and ends. Not to mention it comes in some super fun prints! I will definitely be taking this with me to college in the future.

6: A tidy a day keeps the clutter away
It's so easy to slip back into old habits. I typically like to do a quick tidy every day before I start my homework. If your space is neat, you are less likely to become stressed out.

Be sure to check out Caroline's post here!



  1. I really need to clean out my jewelry collection. I have it all in visible sight in my room, but I can get to be quite a hoarder when it comes to getting rid of the pieces I don't wear! Great post!


  2. Your room was adorable!


  3. Love these tips! #1 for sure.

  4. I definitely believe in the tidying a little every day thing, it really makes a difference so you don't feel overwhelmed with mess. I also love the monogram over your bed btw!


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