Coffee Date Outfit

Spring is officially underway, which means so is the season of awkward sometimes chilly but also sometimes warm temperatures. This type of weather leads into an "outfit guessing game," which is definitely a challenge when you're trying to get ready for the day. But have no fear, because today Mary Kate and I are showing you two transitional spring outfits!

As you've probably noticed, casual dresses are a wardrobe staple for me. I've recently been loving one from Madeline, and I decided to dress it down by adding sandals and a denim jacket. The jacket is perfect for when it is cooler during the day, and the sandals add a springy touch.

All photos by Rachel Issler (check her out!)

 I couldn't resist sharing this picture of my latte- isn't it the prettiest?

Of course, no coffee date would be complete without a photo op.

dress | jacket | shoes (similar) | necklace (similar)

As I mentioned, I am collaborating with Mary Kate today... so here's a sneak peek of her post! Check it out here

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