The Importance of Self Care

2016 was a time of renewal. Personally, I got to know more about myself and grow in ways I never imagined. It was a year of abundant joy, and for that my heart is very full. However, within this time I struggled with severe migraines, cross country injuries, anxiety and stress, and a mono diagnosis. I went from feeling like I could do it all, to feeling that there was very little I could actually do. I was confused because I had been doing it all. I was ok, and was making it through. I was happy most of the time. I felt, in a sense, like I had fallen off my game and that there was something I was doing wrong. I realized that I what I was doing "wrong," per say, had been neglecting to take care of myself during the time I needed it most.

I'm still learning and growing through this phase of my life, but it has taught me something very important thus far. That is that self-care is vital to living an abundant life. I've found that it's literally my duty on this earth to nourish myself, so that I can be stronger for those who need  me. It's like I heard on a TED Talk once: on planes they ask that in the case of a crash, you put on your own oxygen mask before helping others. This seems selfish when you first hear it, but in reality if you don't get the oxygen yourself right away, you won't survive and there is no possibility of helping anyone else. I know it's morbid- but it's really a basic truth. You can't fill others if you are empty yourself. So, fill yourself so you can pour your warmth onto others.

The hardest truth for me to grasp is that you can be helping so many people and doing really meaningful things, but too many good things can still be too many things. We need to be at peace with doing what we can with the time that we have. We must do what we can without neglecting our own well-being. Because as soon as you neglect yourself, your work will suffer. Unfortunately, the doing more + doing more equation will never never equal a balanced and healthy person.

Self care is different for everyone but for me, it's simply doing things to make me feel healthy and vibrant. I'm more mindful of what I feed my body with than ever before. I'm getting more sleep, drinking more water, and slowly learning to let go of perfectionism. I spend more time talking to friends, asking for help, and snuggling with my dogs. I notice the little things, thank God for my blessings, and take more bubble baths.

The importance of self care is a lesson you cannot learn just by reading it in my blog post. Sometimes, you need to hit a low in order to be taught. If that's where you are right now, I've been there. Take a deep breath, and remember to fill yourself so that you can pour love onto others. Nourish yourself and spread your sunshine and vibrancy wherever you are.

I have a feeling 2017 is going to be a sunny one.


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