what's the deal with coffee (and how i take mine)

Can coffee be part of a healthy lifestyle? Do dieticians drink coffee? Do I personally?

The answer to all of the above is yes. If that surprises you, let's face it, coffee lovers get a bad rap. The morning ritual for people all over the world is referred to as a drug, addictive, or just plain bad-for-you. I'm NOT saying that coffee can't be addictive or can't have adverse effects. I AM saying that, if you drink coffee in moderation because you like it (not because you need it), and if you don't load your cup with sugar or other chemicals, it's no big deal. (Read a helpful article by an RD here).

You can utilize your morning cup of coffee in a way to make it work for your body, get tons of nutrients, de-stress, and all the while feel more energized. Here's how I do it:

1 cup of regular black coffee, usually trader joe's or whole foods

1/4 cup MALK almond milk (or homemade)
I use this type of almond milk because it's literally just almonds and water, no additives, sugar, or gums. I mostly add it for flavor and to help keep me full after breakfast while I'm at school. It contains vitamin E, which helps your skin stay healthy. AND it has fiber, for your gut!

2 tsp coconut oil- I did some research on WHY you should put this healthy fat in your coffee, besides that it makes it super frothy and yummy. (read about more here)
1. it increases energy: coconut oil is made up of lipids that can be quickly metabolized as fuel instead of becoming stored fat.
2. it speeds up your metabolism: this gives your body a little boost to metabolize your breakfast early in the morning and so you can have an energy boost when you need it, early in the day.
3. it's naturally antimicrobial: the lauric acid found in coconut oil is super helpful in strengthening your immune system and fighting off sickness. It helps with preventing cold sores, which I'm prone to.

...and this is definitely not scientific, but when you sip coconut oil coffee from a mug the oil will also moisturize your lips :-)

1 tsp honey- Honey has energy benefits + more, but I just add a small amount for the flavor.

how to prepare:
Froth it all up with a milk frother (I use this one that's $20 and doesn't take up much space). This is the easiest way, but if you want to blend it in a blender or Nutribullet that would work too!

i sometimes add...
ashwaghanda: if you can overlook the fact that you're basically putting shrubs in your coffee, this power herb helps reduce cortisol levels (your stress hormone). I take it when I'm feeling anxious. Not to mention it boosts memory and reduces inflammation, creating the perfect cure for exam week :-) I take it in a drop form, but many people also like it as powder! See what works for you.
collagen: this super protein helps your hair, skin, and nails grow and stay healthy. It also rebuilds your gut wall, which stops inflammatory toxins from leaking into your body! I use Vital Proteins brand.

please note that coffee is NOT breakfast. Eat some real food, people. :-)

stay sunny

please note this blog post is not to be used as a substitute for professional or medical advice. everyone is different, do not let what works for my body harm your body.

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  1. Oh thanks for sharing this view with everyone and for posting a very healthy recipe on your blog post. I will surely try to make one your way


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