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I'm currently sitting in a hot and boring study hall in my non-air conditioned school, flipping through pictures and wishing I was back at prom. I attended my first prom a couple of weeks ago and it was a blast! Of course, I was super excited to dress up in a fancy dress and spend time with my friends before the school year ends. I thought I would share some photos from the event with you all...

This is the lineup for what I wore:  dress 1 2 | shoes (similar) | earrings 

I absolutely loved my dress, it was the very first one I tried on so I got lucky!

My pretty pretty best friends
Get someone that looks at you the way Auggie looks at me <3
My little sister, Emma, was just as excited for me to go to Prom as I was
Rachel in front of the camera for once :-)
I kept jewelry to a minimum because the dress was so embellished.  But, I did get to wear my great grandma's rings from the 40's!
I hope everyone had fun at their proms, good luck on final exams!

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  1. Porm picture are just awsome the colors used shows deceny and grace. Thank you for posting anf giving such good ideas for a prom dress

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