sunflowers & sunset

Every year around Labor Day weekend, a field by my house starts springing up sunflowers. I love it because I'm partial to anything sun-related, and sunflowers are my favorite flower. My friend Anna and I, armed with our iPhones, decided to stop by the field and take some pretty snaps. As each minute passed, the sun sank further and the color of the sky changed-- it was a breathtaking backdrop for our photos and we both probably looked like the heart eyes emoji.
I wore my favorite transitional summer-to-fall outfit: a light skirt, tank, and denim jacket. I picked this skirt up from the Madewell sale, and it's so easy to style. Gingham has by far been my favorite trend of summer, and I intend to carry it into fall!

As a proud outfit repeater, I wore the same thing to a John Mayer concert last month :-)

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stay sunny,


  1. You live near a sunflower field?? Lucky girl! The sunset is beautiful in these pics :)

    Mia |

    1. I know! It brightens my day every time I see it. Thanks for reading, Mia!

  2. The sky is so pretty. It's making me miss summer sunsets.

  3. You are one of the worlds beautiful personality who enjoy very little things of life, like the beautiful sun set. You are nature lover, so keep posting as it helps to discover everyone to have such beautiful eco-friendly lifestyles. Also I love your smart and cool dressing sense, Love to read all your blogs.

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