best of october

October is notoriously a busy month but so fun nonetheless. Because it was so busy, especially with college applications, I barely posted on the blog or Instagram! To make up for it, I'm wrapping up the best of my October into one post.

At the start of October I had my senior homecoming! It feels weird to even type that, because it's so surreal that I'll never go to homecoming again (omg). For the dance, I wore a cape-style Milly dress (it's on sale, btw), Baublebar star earrings and Missguided shoes (on sale for only $16!). It was super fun because Greg was on fall break from college so he was able to come!
My mom secretly sniped this photo lol
Instead of having a dance for turnabout, my school does something a little bit more...Midwestern. Basically we go out to a farm where there's hayrides, golf, and ice cream-- it's hilarious and such a good time. We all dress up to a theme and this year's was around the world. Greg and I went as France!
Baguettes mandatory
I haven't shared a ton about my college search thus far, mostly because it's been a pretty confusing and stressful journey! However, I have been having tons of fun visiting different colleges. My dad and I took a trip to Madison to tour the University of Wisconsin, and I loved it. It was beautiful while we were there! I even got to meet up with Fran for coffee and an insider's tour, which was super fun.

charm at the farm
Charm at the Farm is a vintage market with tons of cute boutique-style vendors. My mom and I got to go, and it was adorable. We walked around, shopped, and ended the day at a mac-and-cheese food truck (delish).

For Halloween this year, I wore the most "Meg" costume ever: an avocado. 

...and that's about all for October! I hope everyone has a fabulous November being thankful for family and friends. 

stay sunny,


  1. Such a fun post! Glad I got to hang with you cutie :)

    xoxo, Fran

  2. What a fun month! I love your shoes in you Halloween outfit picture. Where are they from?

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