DIY Yarn Wall Hanging + Gallery Wall Update

This is going to sound creepy, but to me it's so fun to get a look inside someone's home. That's why I love seeing the unique apartment tours of bloggers online and on Instagram.  A recent inspiration to me is Lee From America and her breezy, minimal LA loft. It has natural decorations that create a calming atmosphere, such as plants and a yarn wall hanging. I loved the wall hanging so much I decided to make a mini one of my own! It spices up my gallery wall and adds a new medium to the arrangement. I was even able to customize the colors to fit my space. These can be made in any size, and they would be a fun addition to any dorm, home, or bedroom!

To make your own...

What You'll Need
Yarn (I used this one and this one)
Wooden dowel (Here are 10 12 inch ones for $3)

1. Cut a piece of paper to the size and shape of the wall hanging that you want
2. Measure and cut the dowel with scissors or a small saw, then file the end so that it is smooth
3. Double the yarn with a loop at the top to have enough yarn to tie the knot, use the paper template as a guide for length
4. Tie a knot around the dowel in the middle of the piece of yarn
5. Pull apart a piece of yarn and tie each end onto the dowel to use for hanging


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