My Rush Outfits

Aside from joining an awesome sisterhood, my favorite part of rush/sorority recruitment was the OUTFITS, of course. Each morning I loved getting to plan my outfit in order to best represent who I am, as well as see other girl's looks for the day and how they choose to show their style through the different rounds. I thought I'd share my outfits with you, along with a little bit about each round of recruitment, mostly to be a guide if you're rushing in the spring or next year or just to share a little bit about my rush experience!
Go Greek round, the first round of recruitment, is just getting to see the surface level of each sorority. Between two days, I visited all thirteen sorority houses and talked to one or a few of their members. This was the most casual round attire-wise and I was given a t-shirt for each day! It was also the hottest weather and had the most standing/walking, so wearing a tennis skirt and sneakers was definitely a good move.

Day One
For day one I went with my trusty New Balances, a tennis skort from Marshall's (GREAT for the heat because it's moisture wicking), simple pearl studs, and my Madeline and Co. backpack!

Day Two
On day two I wore basically the same thing (another Marshall's tennis skirt), but added some fun mini hoop earrings.

During Philanthropy Round, the dress is slightly nicer but you still wear recruitment t-shirts. Some girls wore fancy skirts and heels while others wore just flowy shorts and sandals! During this round, you really see a mix of both but what's most important is wearing what you feel comfortable and yourself in.

Day One
VERY excited for another day of recruitment
I dressed up the tee a bit adding a horn necklace and wearing paper bag shorts (sold out in navy-- shop the green here or a striped here). Since I knew I would be going back to fewer houses and therefore walking less, I was able to wear my leather slides!

Day Two
Sorry for the wacky photo quality!
I dressed up my look for the last day of Philanthropy round by wearing a paper bag skirt (on sale), platforms (similar styles on sale here, here, + here), and my classic Kendra Scott earrings.

Sisterhood Round is the last round leading up to Preference Round, so things are definitely more serious and formal. On these days, girls wear sundresses and rompers with sandals or heels. This is when you can really start showing your style and get out of the t-shirts!

Day One
This was the day I was visiting the least amount of houses, so I knew I could handle my somewhat-heavy Lisi Lerch earrings and block heels. My dress was great to wear too, not only for the pockets but it was something a little bit different from the rest (without being too out there) to differentiate me from the group!

Day Two
Another day, another morning getting HYPED for recruitment!

For the second day, I wore my favorite piece from the Fame and Partners summer collection! Day two was another hot one, so the light fabric was a godsend. Plus, it was a great conversation starter to segway into talking about my internship with Fame. I wore the platforms again (they are so comfy), my Cuffed By Nano choker, and my hoops

Preference round lasts only one day and is the most formal round. The attire is similar to what you would wear to homecoming and was the most fun to dress up for!
I wore my Fame & Partners Amelia dress which I had previously worn to my graduation party and Father-daughter dance. I love it because I have styled it lots of different ways with sandals and platforms, but I gave it a formal touch with block heels for pref.

On Bid Day, each sorority chooses a "bid day theme" and models their shirts and bid day party after it. At USC, we find out which sorority we got a bid from by unwrapping a t-shirt with their letters on it!

If you didn't see it on Instagram, I rushed Alpha Delta Pi! I was so grateful to have gotten a bid from my top pick, as well as join the same sisterhood as my mom and aunt! Our theme was "Adpi Jam," so it was everything Space Jam: alien themed costumes, basketball hoops, and fun photo backdrops. Bid day was so fun (and such a relief to be done with recruitment). 

Can't wait to share more about my time in Adpi and I hope this post was helpful!
Stay sunny,


  1. Welcome home, sister! I am an Alpha Delta Pi alumna!


  2. This helped so much thank you

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