Get this: the skincare industry in the U.S. is worth HUNDREDS of BILLIONS of dollars -- but is only regulated by a ban of about 20 ingredients. In the E.U., more than 1,300 are banned. 

At the beginning of high school, I learned that not all beauty products are created equal. Since then, I have been dedicated to slowly cleaning up my routine. It's not perfect, but I have found natural/organic alternatives to my old go-to's. I feel good about what I put on my skin and body, and I think it's just as important as what I put into my body. 

So here's the break down of my favorites:

Cocokind MyMatcha *: One of my very first "clean beauty" purchases -- that I still use every day! I use this as a chapstick and under eye balm. The caffeine of the matcha helps brighten and reduce puffiness under the eyes!
Dr. Bronner's Lavender: My everything soap. It's so clean I use it as face wash while traveling, body wash, dish soap, a spot treatment on laundry, and even to clean my retainers! Bury me with this soap. 
Swish De Coco: Natural, whitening mouthwash made from coconut oil! Oil pulling pulls toxins from your body and can reduce inflammation, including acne. All I know is that it makes my teeth white and my mouth feels super clean!
Alaffia Lotion: Unscented lotion to lather up in! Not much more to say about this -- it's a straightforward moisture godsend.
The Healthy Deodorant: The only natural deodorant I can use! It has an awesome, clean scent and it actually works -- even in the South Carolina sun. It goes on smooth and lasts me for months (worth every penny). 
Cocokind Chlorophyll Mask *: THE BEST MASK EVER. It comes as a dry powder so it's preservative-free, and you can mix it with water, rose water, or facial oil based on your needs. The chlorophyll is oxygenating and brightens my skin and it also helps to detox from breakouts. It makes me look like Shrek when I have it on and I have scared wayyy too many people in my dorm, but it's worth it for that fresh-faced glow. 
Cocokind Turmeric Stick *: Layer this under the chlorophyll mask or use it by itself to reduce redness and inflammation. Sometimes I sleep with this on and just cover my pillow with an old t-shirt!
Thayers Facial Mist: Holy grail. So good my whole family and boyfriend have started using it too! It refreshes and tones without overdrying your skin and the spray makes it super easy to apply. 
Cocokind Sea Moss Exfoliator *: A gentle yet effective exfoliator that adds minerals to your skin with sea moss. I always turn to this little guy when my skin looks dull or just feels congested.

Cocokind Mai-Light Rose Highlighter: My dream highlighter: you can use it DAILY and it delivers hydration while combating skin stressors with adaptogens! Is this real life? 
Bareminerals Powder: This baby is made without sulfates, parabens, and phthalates. Now I don't know what all that means, but I do know that it's literally ground-up minerals with no synthetic fragrance or dyes.
Cocokind Macabeet Stick: Blush and tinted chapstick powered by beets. Subtle color plus antioxidants. If you would've told me a couple of years ago that I would be using BEETS as makeup I wouldn't believe it, but I truly love this product!

Wanna know more about clean beauty? Here's how to start:

Think Dirty Shop Clean App: Probably the best app on my phone. You can scan barcodes on products and it tells you about the ingredients and their level of toxicity.
EWG Skin Deep Website: The Environmental Working Group is a non-profit that protects the environment and human health. This is their site that tells you about the ingredients in your products and rates them on a scale! In my experience, they have a little bit more products than the Think Dirty Shop Clean app.

You deserve a beauty and skincare routine you can trust and feel confident in. Try things out, do your research, and don't forget to aim for improvement, not perfection!

Stay sunny,

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