College Apartment Tour - Sophomore Year

Welcome to my (possible) favorite post of the year -- my sophomore year apartment tour! Living with my two best friends in an apartment close to campus has seriously been the best part of my sophomore year so far. I love having my own room again, having a kitchen, a bathtub, and huge windows. I have had so much fun getting to decorate my own space. 

I was originally sort of overwhelmed by the fact that I would be decorating my room from the ground up -- layout, color scheme, bedding, wall decor. At the end of summer, I tried to plan as much possible in advance. This really stressed me out because I hadn't actually seen my apartment yet! So, I decided to just get to school, bring the basics, and figure the rest out once I arrived. It worked out for the best because I could take my time creating a space to relax, study, and just "be" in. I repurposed a lot of things from home and my dorm and added some new items to give the room flair. 


The star of the show! Bedding really sets the tone for a bedroom, and so I wanted to make mine simple yet fun. My apartment came furnished but without a headboard, so I used some hefty square pillows to create a mock headboard. Over my bed I re-purposed a vintage mirror that used to hang in my family room at home. I use a metal cart from my dorm as a bedside table. I store extra blankets on the lower shelves and have the top shelf for my lamp and charger. Blackout curtains were my saving grace last year, so I knew I needed them in my new room. I don't have a ton of floor space but wanted a rug, so I went with a fun runner next to the bed. 


I firmly believe that an inspiring + non-cluttered desk space helps productivity. To achieve this, I hung a corkboard and motivating print on the wall, used a gold desk organizer, and added frames of some of my favorite people. 


MY! OWN! BATHROOM! This is the first time (ever) that I've had my own bathroom, and it is game-changing. I feel so spoiled! Of course, I had to decorate it with my favorite colors. I hung prints from my childhood nursery and grabbed some super cute bath mats. I had this shower curtain saved for months ever since I saw it on Meg Hall's Instagram -- I love it. Keeping a candle in the bathroom adds such a sense of luxury, I feel like I'm in a spa.


Having a living space to have friends over, watch movies, and decompress in has been the best. Our apartment came with very modern furniture, so we made it more homey with plants, a funky rug, a tiny embroidered tapestry, and throw pillows. The kitchen is a basic set-up, complete with our coffee and espresso machines!

Living in an apartment has already taught me so many "adulting" things -- how to install a curtain rod, split responsibility with roommates, sign a lease and so much more! I hope you all enjoyed this look into my living space.

Stay sunny,


  1. Love your cute apartment!! Living in an apartment is seriously one of my favorite things about life at college!

    xo, Fran

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  3. You have the cutest apartment! I love your throw pillows.

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