A Letter to The Girl Who Got Sent Home Because of COVID

Dear College / Study Abroad Girl,

So because of Corona, your university and/or study abroad program is shut down and you have to go home. I know it sucks, this was never part of anyone’s plan.

In Christian/Catholic circles we talk a lot about being “sent” by God, even to places we don’t want to go or that don’t look like what we envisioned the future to be. In the past when I would hear this, I’d picture going on mission in a foreign country or making a large/dramatic physical move. 

But what if the place He sends me isn’t dramatic at all? What if He just sends me home?

Well, that’s what’s happening by circumstance and I am leaning in nonetheless. God’s plan takes a lifetime to complete. And this is indeed part of it, He has something to show me here! And He has lots to show you, too.

My dad has encouraged me to think more about the opportunities that this season will present instead of the ones that it has closed. and so I encourage you to do the same! with more free time/time at home, try to rediscover old parts of yourself and make them new again. Were you a kid that read whole series of books in a week? start reading for fun again! 📚 Paint, draw, run, sew. Go on walks, ride your bike, get into nature.

Be with your people. 💕 We have been given the gift of time to spend with our families before we move away from home for good. Use it!

We are called to live our vocations and love those in front of us no matter where we may be. No matter if where we are is different than the plan in our heads. There is joy to be found here! ✨

It breaks my heart to have my study abroad cut short, and I promise I’m not always this positive about it, BUT gratitude turns scarcity into abundance and it’s all we have to get through this.

For now, I’m just grateful to have been where I’ve been (like beautiful Venice pictured above!), to have seen what I’ve seen, and still have my health. Cheers to that! 🥂

Stay sunny (even if it's pretty cloudy right now),

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