{Pink & Navy} Collab with Abby (@BelleoftheBall45)

I am super pumped to finally get to launch the collab that Abby and I have been working on forever. (See her post here!) I absolutely love Abby's style and I was thrilled to link up with her. Also pink and navy are my all time faves, if I could wear them every day without being weird I would. So... without further adieu I bring you... 2 ways to wear pink and navy!

We didn't even plan it- but we both ended up in leggings, a vest, and bean boots! 

Vest: Old Navy// Gigi Pants and necklace: Jcrew//Duck Boots: Llbean// Top: Target
Hope you enjoyed it! Remember you can never go wrong with navy & pink.


  1. I love both of your looks! I wear my Bean boots all the time with my favorite Wunder Under pants from Lululemon. You definitely can't go wrong with pink and navy.

    Ellen | A Pop of Pink


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