Featured: Chatham Ivy & The Initialed Life

Christmas came early this year! I had 2 packages arrive in the mail from two amazing shops that I got the opportunity to work with. They were from Chatham Ivy, and The Initialed Life, my two newest shop discoveries. Let me just say- it was a preppiness overload. I styled both of the shirts, and the photos are below!
The first shirt I styled is from a relatively new company called Chatham Ivy. Like their slogan says, they are "wicked preppy!" Shop their products here.
The design of the shirt was brilliant, and the shirt itself was fitted and soft. I would definitely give it as a gift.
Here are the graphics of the tee- they are hand painted!

The second shirt is from a super cute company called The Initialed life that specializes in all sorts of monogrammed shirts. Shop their products here.
I love this shop because there are endless color and design combinations that are left up to you. Plus, I got my shirt super quickly.

Hope you enjoyed the post-- now go check out those shops!
DISCLAIMER: Although the views expressed in this post are actually the views of the writer, the writer may have received some sort of compensation from the companies mentioned.

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