Writing Pretty

2015 is year to learn new things. I realized that I've always been thinking "That would be a cool thing to know how to do," and I would continue with my day. Well, I've decided that it's time to learn those things. The list includes barre, latte art, liquid watercolors, and...calligraphy. And guess what? I went and learned calligraphy! Well, kinda. It turns out you can totally fake calligraphy and I think it looks more personal and pretty than the real thing. All you have to know to fake calligraphy is below!
-Start out with a good pen. I would recommend not using a ballpoint, but rather a felt tip. I used Papermate Flair and Sharpie Pens. 

1. Write your selected words in cursive. It really can look like a 3rd grader did it, and it will still turn out fine! That's the beauty of this. Bonus points if you add some little curls along the way.
2. Go back over your words and every time your pen goes down, darken the line. I went through a bunch of calligraphy documents and came up with a pretty alphabet that is below.

That is literally it. The more you practice, the better it will be. See some more tips to improve your writing below!
I liked writing down some of my favorite quotes!
Also, check out my desk!

If you post any "calligraphy" on Instagram, be sure to tag me @ASunnyStateofMind!


  1. I love this! Personally, I just jot things down on a post it note and it gets lost in the mess I call my desk, but the idea of using post it notes for inspirational quotes is adorable! I'll have to try it out!

    Running Alyssa

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