Sail to Sable: Review & Code

I was so happy when I ordered my Sail to Sable dress, and I was even happier when I figured out that I got it for over 70% off! The way I did this was a found a dress I loved in the sale section. Then, I did some research to find a discount code. I found the code SUPER 30, which gave me 30% off! So, between the dress being on sale plus the code, I saved around $150. There are plenty of tunics from past seasons that are still adorable and I don't see them going out of style any time soon. They are simply classic.
This dress is going to be perfect for spring break as a cover-up on the beach and to wear as a dress in the summer. It is a match made in heaven with Platinum Jacks. The fabric light so you won't get hot, but it isn't so light that it will go sheet on your sunny days by the pool. I was impressed the overall structure and quality of this dress.
Hope this helped!

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  1. I am definitely headed over to the website right now! That is too cute!


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