Pretty Picnic in the Park

The weather where I live hasn't been the greatest recently. It's been super humid, cloudy, and stormy. But every once in a while we have a perfect sunny day. Sarah and I decided to take advantage of one of these days by having a picnic. Now this wasn't just any picnic, it was a totally blog-able picnic with color scheme and everything. I came up with some tips and DIY's along the way, so read on to find out more!

We picked our color scheme to be periwinkle, navy, green, and white. We sipped grapefruit sparkling soda out of milk bottles, which added a vintage touch. We set up at a nature reserve nearby, and the scenery was so picturesque. 

I clipped a hydrangea from my yard and put it in a plastic goblet, which ended up being the perfect accent piece.

What I'm wearing: J.crew Factory floral shorts (no longer available), a pearl bracelet, Jack Rogers, and my adorable new top. The top is from my friend Elizabeth's etsy shop called Seersucker Ruffles. The tassel detail is just downright adorable, and the ruffle neckline dresses up the top with a hint of southern charm. I love all things girly, so this top is right up my alley. I have a second one from her on the way and I am so excited!

DIY: Sarah and I decorated our plates with different prints of washi tape! See the above picture for different designs.

Cookies: I made these lime shortbread cookies in the shape of bows. If summer was a cookie, it would be these. Click here for the recipe.

Now go have a picnic!

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  1. I love your top! Do dedicate a post reviewing some of the pieces from your friend’s clothing line. Thanks for posting these cute diy decoration for the plates.


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