Rise and Shine

I'm back with the second weekly challenge, and it's a tough one! But don't worry, I've been doing this challenge for the past two weeks and if I can do it, you definitely can do it.

I have always been the girl who sets an alarm for 6 and snoozes until the very last minute possible. That is, until I found out this was actually making me MORE tired. Snoozing (waking up and falling back asleep again and again) has been clinically proven to use more energy than just waking up and staying up. Waking up and taking those extra nine minutes on the snooze button is just enough for your body to slip back into sleep only to be jolted back up again, and then make actually getting out of bed seem impossible. I decided I wanted to be a morning person, because scarfing down half a granola bar at the last minute and scrambling to leave for school in 15 minutes is too stressful and unhealthy a way to start the day.

So, this week's challenge is sort of a mind game to trick you into being a morning person. When your alarm goes off, go ahead and press snooze. But instead of falling asleep, get out of bed. Tell yourself that you only have to stay out of bed until the alarm goes off. Then, get some water, start packing up your things for school and maybe even get dressed. By the time the alarm goes off again, you will already be ready to go and not want to get back in bed!

Other ways to help you get going are to plan a yummy breakfast for the morning to motivate yourself or put on some music. Not gonna lie, it was a struggle for the first few days, but I love mornings now. I actually get to sit down, have a cup of coffee, eat my breakfast, and talk to my mom.

I decided to have this be a 10-day challenge, just because I think the weekends should be "cheat" days. Nothing should come between a girl and her kingdom of blankets on Saturday morning :-)

Stay Sunny,


  1. I heard this recently and I've come to realize how true it is. I typically have three alarms that go off in 15 minute intervals, but ever since I switched to one alarm I've had an easier time waking up. Good breakfasts definitely help too! :)

    XO, Brooke

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