Weekly Challenge No. 3

We are taught that if we stop moving for one minute, we will fall two steps behind. While I'm all about productivity and ambition, I'm definitely not about stress and wearing yourself out. Sometimes I feel like I'm living so fast and doing so much that I don't pay enough attention to my life-- like I'm just going through the motions. Through meditation, I've learned to have more gratitude, awareness and balance. It gives me a little bit of time each day to take notice; of  my mind,  surroundings, body, blessings, and thoughts. I use it for sleep, breaking a bad mood, stress relief, and just because.

This week's challenge is to take time to meditate each day, whether for two minutes or twenty. The best way to start is with a guided app, I use this one from Gaiam and I highly recommend it!

Along with meditation comes a multitude of benefits. If you're worried about starting this challenge because you have "too much to do," meditation can increase your focus and actually help you do more by increasing productivity by 120%. If that doesn't convince you, check out more facts below!

Stay sunny,

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  1. I am here to accept this challenge which I am sure to win because I am having lot experience about such things. There were few difficulties in the start but now I come over them.


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