Best of January

The other day, one of my readers sent in the question "what are your favorite posts to write?" I immediately thought of monthly recap posts. Not only are they fun to write, they're so fun to look back on-- almost like a scrapbook! They make me appreciate the happy times and little things of the past month, especially in a culture where we're always looking ahead to the next thing and trying to get the next task done. It made me realize how much I like doing these, and how I hadn't done one in a while, so I did for January. They can get wordy, so I decided to break it up into a "best of:" things I ate, saw, read, did, and bought.

1. dragonfruit bowl from Rooted Juicery- I decided to try this smoothie bowl because of the ingredients, but I loved it because of the color [insert heart eyes]
2. avocado toast- I made the MOST EPIC avocado toast EVER and shared it in this post
3. angry beekeeper from Old Scratch Pizza- My parents' friends opened a new pizza place near us, and ITS SO GOOD. I had the Angry Beekeeper which gets its name because it's drizzled in spicy honey (and I'm a sucker for anything with honey). #savethebees

1. the lumineers- I got to see one of my favorite bands, The Lumineers, and it was everything I'd ever dreamed it'd be! I loved how they told tons of stories throughout the concert, played different instruments, and had a Cleopatra photobooth at the entrance.
2. lala land- In case you haven't heard... everyone ever should see Lala Land. I have the soundtrack on repeat!
3. milk & honey (here)- the most VSCO-able book ever. It's a heavy, deep read (and all poems), so if you're into that you'll love it. (or just buy it for the VSCO). (jk).

1. went to the cincinnati contemporary arts center- something new I tried in January was going to a Contemporary Arts museum. I loved it! The top floor is an "un-museum," meaning everything is touch-able and interactive, including a giant fuzzy egg. I'm pretty sure it was for little children but the adults seemed to be having fun too :-)
2. painted this jacket (as seen here)- I followed a charcoal transfer tutorial to paint something sassy on a denim jacket.
3. the wedding- my friend Megan's dad got re-married on New Years Eve! (what a fun wedding date) & we had so much fun being on the dance floor when the ball dropped.

1. glossier cleanser (here)- after hearing all the hype about Glossier, I decided to try their milky jelly cleanser. I like it a lot! It's pretty gentle so I use it in the mornings and use something stronger at night. The best part? It smells like flowers and clean laundry. Use this link to get 20% off your first purchase!
2. adidas originals sweatshirt (here)- I know this is literally just a gray hoodie, but it's super warm and it's been nice to throw on while studying or running errands.
3. himalayan salt lamp (here)- I'd always wanted a salt lamp, so I got one to put on my side table in my room. It's a nice little accent piece and the one I have works great with essential oils.

Recently, my bff Caroline and I were chosen to speak at TEDxDayton's youth conference. We've been super busy preparing our TED talk, but it's been SO FUN, guys.  I can't wait for it to be online for all of you to see! It's super close to my heart, all about empowering yourself through what you wear and allowing fashion to be a daily celebration of you!!

I also started a diet change to help with some chronic GI and inflammatory issues. It includes no sugar, wheat, or dairy... so we'll see how this goes! So far, I feel really good about it and I know it will be so worth it. More to come.

I hope you enjoyed this round-up of my January, and that February brings tons of sunshine to you all!

stay sunny

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  1. Avocado toast is the best. I love the jacket you made. This post is very similar to a new series I started this month called Step Into My Week.


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