My Simple Morning Makeup Routine

I won't lie to you, I'm far from a makeup pro. On special events my friends do my makeup for me, I can't operate a Beauty Blender in the least, and I don't watch any type of Youtube tutorials. That said, I truly care about keeping my skin healthy, I think have a strong brow game, and I use makeup as a tool towards confidence. Do I go to school without makeup on sometimes? Of course. Do I shame people who spend 30 minutes doing their makeup every morning? Of course not!

I have a simple morning routine, mostly because I like to get as much sleep as possible :-) 

Every morning I use Glossier Face Wash on a Clarisonic to wash my face. I like the exfoliation of the Clarisonic to wake up my skin, along with the gentle face wash that smells like warm laundry and a field of wildflowers. If you order with this link, you can get 20% off your first order!

After that, I spritz with Mario Badescu Face Mist to help give my face a dewy look and eliminate any tightness. Plus, again, it smells amazing.

I smooth on Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue using the Bare Minerals Smoothing Brush. I don't like complete coverage, mostly because I'm partial to freckles, so using a tiny bit of this is perfect for me. On top of the face mist, it goes on evenly and adds a little glow to your skin.

Onto the eyes, I curl my eyelashes with Tarte Eyelash Curler. My eyelashes are naturally pretty straight, so this is essential for me: it's really difficult to put mascara on without it. Plus, the product lasts a really long time. I've had the same one for a few years. The mascara I usually use is Benefit Mascara or Elizabeth Moss, and apply that on my top lashes.

As I said, I like to keep my brow game strong. I use an Eyebrow Pencil that has a brush on one side and a brown pencil on the other. I lightly line the natural shape of my brow on the bottom, and just fill in wherever they're looking sparse.

That's it! It usually takes about 5-7 minutes.


stay sunny


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