most popular posts of 2017

1: homecoming dress guide
This post characteristically does well from year to year, probably because of the rush to find a dress! While many of the dresses on this post are sold out, some are on super sale!
2: five day food journal
I cringe looking back on this post. 2017 was the year I found out about my food intolerances and went through a highly restrictive diet program to help me get over them. The diet was no dairy, sugar, or gluten (plus a million other things) and it took endless self control and six months. It was so hard, you guys, but I did it! Read the post for some clean meal ideas, but definitely do not restrict your diet to that extent.

3: five last minute halloween costumes
This post was probably my favorite of the year because while writing it I got to reminisce on all of my favorite costumes and the events that I wore them to. Read to see me as Zoey 101 (the most iconic costume).
The costume I ended up wearing this year!
4: prom pictures
2017 was the year of my first prom, and I had THE BEST time. My dress was so dreamy, and my friends all looked gorgeous. All in all one of the best nights of high school.

5: what to wear to senior pictures
If you are a junior or a senior who has not gotten senior pictures, read this post! I struggled a lot with what to wear but discovered some ways to look and feel my best.
My favorite senior picture
6: epic avocado toast
THIS was such a fun day. Rachel came over, we went to Whole Foods, then spent 2 hours taking pictures of me making avocado toast. The toast is amazing and I highly recommend reading the recipe!
7: how i declutter
In 2017 I decluttered and refreshed my room. I'm a total organization nerd, so I had a blast. Now, it's a cozy and clean space that I love to come home to. Read the post to see how I did it.
8: smoothie bowl recipe
This summer I made a ton of smoothie bowls, it was amazing. I posted my favorite to the blog, and Rachel took some beautiful photos of it.

Looking forward to sharing more fun posts in 2018! Thank you all SO MUCH for following along on my little blog.

stay sunny,


  1. Just stalked all of these posts! It was really interesting to see your five day food journal. Girl, you have A LOT of self control! I also loved your prom pictures. You looked absolutely stunning and that dress on you was amazing!

    Mia |


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