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"Sorry, I can't...I have brunch plans..."

- every blogger ever. The trend of "brunching" has taken social media by storm... and with good reason. Everyone loves another excuse to wear a cute outfit and eat breakfast food without waking up early! I know I'm not alone in saying that I am always down for a good brunch. So, some blogging friends & I decided to share our top 3 breakfast spots as well as a brunch worthy outfit.

{ my outfit }

I decided to keep this outfit simple since my top is a bit of a statement piece!

top | earrings | jeans | similar wedges 1 2 3 4

{ fave brunch spots }

number one // Whole Foods

Those who know me best know that Whole Foods is my JAM. I mean seriously, my friends make fun of me for the obscene amount of times I go in that place a week. My favorite thing to do is grab a friend, order some coffee, pick out a pastry, and chat. They also have a really good hot breakfast bar!

number two // Taste of Belgium

If you're local to Cincinnati, you're bound to have heard of Taste of Belgium. Believe me, it's worth the hype. My favorite thing on the menu is the Waffogatto (which is really more of a dessert but I don't care). It's a waffle, scoop of vanilla bean gelato, and a shot of espresso to pour over the top. *mouth watering*

number three // The Cheesecake Factory

Some people don't know that The Cheesecake Factory serves brunch on Sunday mornings... and I feel so sorry for those people. They cook a mean crab hash over there, combined with a delicious cappuccino & I'm in heaven. Not to mention the avocado toast....

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  1. I love the striped top! So cute paired with white jeans for summer!


  2. I absolutely loveee your outfit! & finally someone who knows about how incredible Cheesecake Factory's avocado toast is!



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