June Recap

Being the first full month of summer, June is a whirlwind of fun times, warm weather, and making memories. In this post, I wanted to give everyone a peek of how I spent my June.

1: driving and getting my license

On the last day of school, I left after taking my final exam of sophomore year to take none other than my driving exam. I was uncharacteristically nervous, but luckily I ended up passing! After having my license for a month, I'd say there's nothing quite like your sixteenth summer.

2: grad parties

Everyone knows that the last weeks of May/first weeks of June are prime grad party season. I went to more grad parties than I ever have, and I had a blast! I loved dancing with my friends, sharpening my corn hole skills, and of course the food....

3: selena gomez concert

The Selena concert is difficult for me to talk about because I might still be in shock.

4: the color run

Ever since I saw it on Pinterest a few years ago, I have always wanted to run in a color run. When they came to Dayton, I decided that I should go for it and sign up for the run. I left happy and covered head-to-toe in color powder (and as you can see I also got some in my mouth).

5: friends photoshoot

I already shared some photos in this post, but I was able to cross another thing off my summer bucket list by having a photoshoot downtown with my friends.

6: mission trip

My mission trip to Appalachia was a time for me to leave my comfort zone: both spiritually, emotionally, and physically. At first it was scary and nerve-wracking to go to such a poor place without my family or phone, but then it was oh so good. We are rewarded for leaving our comfort zones, let me tell ya. My group and I were able to fix the kindest family's home that was completely damaged by water. They didn't have a functional ceiling, gutters, door,  or porch- but we did what we could to fix it. I grew close to the two daughters who lived in the home and I wish that I could've stayed longer to do more for them. There's always next year!

Stay Sunny,

Here's a roundup of June's posts in case you missed any:

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  1. Looks like a fun month! Congrats on getting your license... definitely a good way to kick off the summer! XO, Nicole


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